About David

David M. Leuschen was born and raised in Montana, a third-generation native of the state. During his first 18 years, prior to heading to Dartmouth College, David was exposed to many of the best things about Montana Рranching, skiing, the love of the outdoors and nature, and an appreciation for the hard-working ways of the West. David always knew he would return to the West at some point Рideally in the area around Yellowstone Park he calls home, to continue the commitment to ranching. As part of that dream, over the past 24 years he has been building and developing the business of Switchback Ranch, his ranching operation located near Yellowstone just outside the towns of Cody, Whyoming and Roscoe and Big Timber, Montana.

Following graduation from Dartmouth, David spent a year teaching school at the public high school in Malta, Montana, then enrolled in business school at Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School. After receiving his MBA, David spent the next 22 years at Goldman Sachs, the last 14 as a partner and head of the firm’s energy and power business. In 2000, he left Goldman to form his own energy investment firm, Riverstone Holdings. Riverstone provides growth capital to primarily new energy companies, 80% based in North America, and the bulk of which are in the upstream and midstream sectors of that business.

Though Riverstone is based primarily in New York, David spends much of his time based at Switchback. Under his supervisions, the Ranch has grown to be one of the larger commercial cattle operations in the Northern Rockies. In addition to the cattle operations, the Ranch today operates an outfitting business for hunters in the Fall, and includes a very historic dude ranching operation based out of the Big Timber unit of the Ranch. Through the David M. Leuschen Charitable Foundation, David is committed to supporting worthy causes, mostly but not entirely Montana- and Wyoming-based, where the principals demonstrate outstanding qualities of determination, hard work, and charity.